A core part of our value-add for members is our trusted data, research and analysis



Our proprietary commodity indices for standardised grades are sent out every Monday morning, together with a brief market commentary, historical pricing and prevailing forward curve.

The report is available to all members with an "Info" package or higher. Accounts that have registered for free receive a price indices email a week later.



We also produce a monthly fundamental and technical report on every commodity that we cover, as well as USD:ZAR and other economic indicators relating to African resources. This includes our proprietary technical analysis based on years of experience trading such markets ourselves.

The monthly report is available to all members with an "Info" package or higher. We are further available to undertake specific and customised research into any particular country, company, commodity or project, to aid in your investment due diligence work.



Our trusted Who's Who Directory in African Resources & Energy contains all the information you need to make the correct investment and trade partnership decisions.

  • Company Name
  • Key Executives
  • Contact Details
  • Active Commodities & Countries
  • Project Shareholding & JV Partners
  • * ASM RATING   (Viewer & Trader Members Only)
Mines, Plants & Projects
  • Mine / Plant / Project Name
  • Location (District, Town & Farm Boundaries)
  • Ownership Structure
  • Latest Production & Reserves Data
  • Commodities & Grades Produced
  • Operational Phase
  • Remaining Life

The directory is accessible online via this website, and can also be downloaded. It is updated every quarter and members are advised when a new copy is available. * Viewer and Trader members are also able to access our proprietary ASM RATING, giving further insight into each company registered on our marketplace. As can be seen from below, this is a composite rating based on several factors. Firstly, we ensure that all company documentation is reviewed as part of our KYC undertakings. We further visit our member's offices, mines and plants (where possible) to ascertain for ourselves the bona-fides of each company. As Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials grow in importance, we further rate each member's ESG undertakings. The final two rankings include each member's performance on the marketplace (which each counterparty to a transaction can rate), as well as the company's B-BBEE rating (vital to ensuring proper transformation in South Africa).



Linking in to our Who's Who Directory, our Google Earth GIS database is the most comprehensive and useful interface for exploring mines, plants and projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our GIS database will save you thousands of hours of painful desktop searching and the insights from the various interplay of GIS layers is staggering. The lowest level of grouping is by company, with the following layers included :-

    • Power (coal, solar, wind etc. incl. core SA grid network)
    • Pipeline Network
    • Rail Network
    • Ports
    • Fuel Depots
    • Industrial Plants e.g. cement, chemical, food & bev, paper, sugar etc.
    • Iron & Steel Works, Smelters & Metal Refineries
    • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • FARMS (currently only for Mpumalanga Coalfields)
    • Geology (Coal & Metal fields)
    • Gas Blocks
    • Coal Mines & Projects
    • Metal Mines & Projects (Copper, Chrome, Gold, Lithium, Nickel, Platinum)
    • Water (SA Rivers)